Why Invest?

1.  Why Invest in Agricultural Sector.

–      Excellent Natural endowments of fertile soils, favourable climate and adequate rainfall make Uganda a low cost producer of a variety of agricultural products.

–      Availability of big European, American and Asian Market for non-traditional agricultural products.

–      Regional and rapidly expanding market for Uganda’s food surpluses

–      Only 30% of Uganda’s 18 million hectares of arable land is currently under cultivation.

–      Government support through credit to private farmers, export incentives and marketing.

Traditional Export Agriculture (Commercial Large Scale Farming)

–      Uganda is Africa’s second largest producer of Coffee.

–      It also produces Africa’s best quality cotton.

Therefore, there are opportunities for large scale farming, processing and packaging for Coffee, Cotton, Tea, Tobacco, and Cocoa , for domestic, regional and international market.

Non-Traditional Agriculture

–       includes growing, production, processing and packaging of cereals, oils and oil seeds, fruits, vegetables, nuts, plants, orchids silk and flower seeds.

2. Tourism Sector

 The distinctive attraction of Uganda as a tourist destination arises out the variety of its game stock and its un-spoilt scenic beauty.

–      The country has a unique, untapped potential for eco-tourism, birdlife, contrasting sceneries and high game population.

–      Tourism resources are modestly exploited and still less commercialized.

–      Less intense competition among players.

–      Unique attractions as long-haul destination with tailor-made packages.

–      Part Regional Package for the East African Countries.

Uganda has 3 major Tourist Attractions;

–      National Parks,

–      Wildlife Reserves

–      Forest Reserves

The three Attractions offer the following Products:

1. Boating

2. Sport Fishing

3. Game Viewing

4. Mountaineering

5.  Avi-tourism (bird watching

6.  Primate Tracking (Gorillas, Chimpanzees)

7. Walking and Trekking

8. White water Rafting

3. Mining and Energy

 In spite of its vast opportunities, Uganda’s Mineral and Energy Sector is still under developed.

Uganda government provide special incentives to the Mining & Energy Sector with some special capital expenditures being written off on full.

The country has a host of confirmed mineral deposits that include the following:

Gold, Petroleum, Zinc, Wolfram, Diamond, Vermiculite, Silica, Uranium, Iron ore, Tin, Beryllium, Cobalt, Salt, Kaolin, Glass Sand, Phosphates, Limestone, Platinum, Nickel etc.

4. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Information and Communication Technology Sector is a vibrant area worth investing in. Currently, this sector contributes 10% to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In 2006/07, this fast expanding and dynamic Sector grew by 33%.

Key Sector Strengths include the following:

–      Suitable geographical location to supply East and Central Africa

–      Latent Local Market Potential, with only 10% exploited so far.

–      Liberalized Information and Communication Technology Market.

–      Cheapest cost of License in Africa

–      High production rates of skilled man power of over 10,000 graduates every year.

–      Young population suitable for Information and Communication Technology work.

–      While in Uganda, Investors can readily get access to current issues through a vibrant internet service, local, regional and international Television Channels, News Papers and renowned Magazines.

Other Sectors for Investment

Uganda being a young, vibrant and fast growing economy, there are other Investment opportunities in the following Sectors and Sub- Sectors:

1.  Education (Vocational and Managerial Skills)

2.  Health and Medical Services

3.  Livestock and Livestock Products

4.  Foods and Beverages

5.  Printing and Publishing

6. Leather and Leather Products

7. Metal and Metal Products

8. Power Generation

9. Forestry

10. Financial Services

11. Edible Oils

12. Diary and Diary

13. Pharmaceuticals

14. Iron and Steel

15. Building and Construction

16. Storage and Packaging

Sir Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister captured and ably summarized the amazing attractions of Uganda. In his book, My African Journey, Churchill wrote:

 “For magnificent, for variety of form and colour, for profusion of brilliant life – plant, bird, insect, reptile, and beast – for vast scale…. Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa.”

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  • Your ultimate regional investment location.